Office of Duralamp

The newly renovated Duralamp office is situated in Florence, Italy. The office consists of one floor with meeting rooms, single person office rooms, an open office, corridors and a printer room and Casambi is controlling the whole area.

All luminaires in the office are by Targetti, which is also located on the same premises. Targetti has developed a Casambi Ready extender module for controlling multiple luminaires in the DALI broadcast. The extender is used in the Duralamp office for the linear fixtures in the corridors.

Every corridor and every room have presence detectors to drop down the energy consumption when no presense is detected. Also scenes are recalled at pre-set times, for example to ensure that a certain kind of night scene is active at night time. Besides sensors and pre-set timer functions the users of the space can also personalize and modify their lighting needs from wall switches and from the Casambi app.


Dura lamp Offices


Florence, Italy



Units used

60 x CBU-ASD

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