Safran Transmission Systems production halls

Safran Transmission Systems Poland is an aviation industry leader, having manufactured aircraft engine components since 2001. The company cooperates with over thirty suppliers and the production process takes place in three large factories located in Poland. Luxon LED and Casambi were chosen for the luminaires and wireless lighting control, respectively.   

As the factory is in use around the clock, it was not possible to conduct any installations that would disturb ongoing operations, and all new luminaires had to be installed using the existing wiring system. Aside from improving working conditions, the client was looking to optimize energy consumption during operating hours. 

There are now 1540 high-efficiency luminaires with high IP-class and a low glare rating in place, with a Casambi CBU-ASD control unit next to each fixture in an IP67 box, to ensure a good communication distance. In addition, each luminaire is controlled individually, and it is possible to make easy changes to the lighting in specific areas as per production requirements, thus improving the working conditions. Additionally, sixteen High Bay Wide Detection sensors from Danlers have also been installed for daylight management.  

Installation costs were kept to a minimum as no additional signal cable had to be installed in the old cable ducts, and due to easy installation procedures, project costs were also kept low as production didn’t have to stop. Since project completion, Safran Transmission Systems has reported an energy reduction of 20 %, a 240 ton/year reduction of Co2, and a vast improvement of light intensity up to 300%.  


Safran Transmission Systems production hall 




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