ILLUMX Pte Ltd has just completed an electrifying lighting installation at Spaceytunes, located at 601 MacPherson Road, Singapore, which also provides cost-effective IoT integration via the lighting control. 

Spaceytunes, at the apex of event venues in Singapore, envisioned an immersive experience to rival no other in town. Their space, a place for unforgettable moments spanning lively birthday celebrations to high-stakes corporate gatherings, demanded a lighting solution that could seamlessly transition from party mode to serious business ambiance in the blink of an eye. 

The Challenge 

How to craft an environment where every corner exudes comfort, excitement, and versatility? ILLUMX rose to the occasion, harnessing wireless smart lighting control technology to orchestrate an unparalleled fusion of fun and functionality. Beyond the entertainment value, the capability to automate control would greatly increase efficiency in facility management and energy utilization.  

The Approach 

Casambi’s solution enabled ILLUMX to bring their ideas to light, to sculpt the perfect lighting landscape. Non-dimmable, DALI, and DMX-SPI lighting elements were expertly woven into the fabric of the venue, with Casambi serving as the unifying force.  

Even the air-conditioners, curtains, karaoke systems, projectors, TVs, and gaming machines have been integrated into the control system. Motion sensors and cloud gateways ensure efficiency is always at its peak, automatically powering everything down during lulls and enabling remote maintenance at the touch of a button. 

ILLUMX has ensured that every detail, every hue, every moment is meticulously curated for maximum impact. What truly sets this project apart is the utilization of so many different Casambi Ready modules within a relatively compact space. 

The Casambi Ready Products 

The Spaceytunes signage, neon lights and karaoke system are controlled via Tridonic’s smartSWITCH SFI 10 HF 5DP bDW Casambi Ready sensors on daily timer from 9am-7pm, resuming automation after 7pm via sensor control. 

Control of the entrance/pantry is facilitated through RP Group PWM 5 RGB/TW for RGBTW LED strip lighting in the seating area and island table, Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Module G2 for suspended downlights, and Tridonic smartSWITCH SFI 10 HF 5DP bDW for the neon lights. 

Control of the open space area is managed through various systems, including Tridonic basicDIM Wireless SR for suspended downlights, Rayrun XB50-RGBCCT for RGBWTW linear light systems, DMX engineering casDMX for the infinity mirror, Tridonic smartSWITCH SFI 10 HF 5DP bDW for neon lights, RP Group Casa Rollo for curtains, Maintronic 2 CSA scene control for the gaming machines, and Tridonic basicDIM Wireless SR for linear and track light systems. 

Store control is managed via the Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Module G2. The karaoke system is controlled by the Tridonic smartSWITCH SFI 10 HF 5DP bDW. Air conditioning control is facilitated through the aircon interface + RP group Casa Relais.  

Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Sensor 5DP 38rc PIR sensor and Rayrun P02-L PIR sensor are utilized for the Entry scene in presence mode and the ‘Go Home’ and ‘All Off’ scene in absence mode. The presence/absence scene triggers the lighting for signage, entrance, pantry, open space area, and air conditioning. 

User interface options onsite include the Arditi Enocean 2-gang switch and the Tridonic basicDIM Wireless User Interface

The results 

The implementation of Casambi control technology within this project not only achieves unparalleled lighting control but also boosts sustainability goals. The system reduces human efforts and optimizes energy utilization. It offers cost-effective IoT integration, showcasing its potential for widespread adoption in various settings. In fact, this venue for Spaceytunes is considered the first of many venues slated for Casambification during 2024, each with its unique theme. 



Design & Build
Clowerks Pte Ltd  

Lighting Supply
Vizism Pte Ltd  


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