The Centre of Contemporary Art (CSW)

The Centre of Contemporary Art CSW has transformed its exhibition lighting using Casambi to provide an exceptional experience for hundreds of daily visitors, demonstrating how technology can elevate the art-viewing atmosphere for everyone. 

After a year of hosting public exhibitions, the Centre of Contemporary Art CSW in Toruń, Poland found it necessary to update its lighting installation. The previous setup lacked the flexibility for nuanced lighting control, offering only basic on/off functionality via BMS or manual switching. This limitation proved inadequate for meeting the specific lighting requirements of individual exhibitions. 

Enter Mateusz Janowski, CEO of LIGHTWorks and Casambi commissioner extraordinaire. Together with CSW and lighting solution providers, KEREN, Mateusz embarked on a lighting revamp. 

The brief 

The objective was to enhance the lighting for art gallery displays by either retrofitting or replacing the existing lamps with ones featuring shutter control, wireless dimming, a lens for precise beam control, and a CRI greater than 95. Additionally, the goal was to establish a lighting infrastructure that allowed visual control, TCP/IP oversight, and convenient remote access. 

The solution 

The project scope involved the installation of 850 new lamps, upgrading 100 pre-existing Zumtobel lamps with halogen light sources to offer the best CRI, and wireless controls via Casambi CBU-TED units. The entire installation was divided into five networks with remote access via Casambi’s CBU-Gateway, and tablets provided to access the Casambi UI. The commissioned system enabled timer and sensor control with manual override capabilities, utilizing most Casambi software functions except for color change functions, which weren’t required by the venue. 

The benefits 

The lamps now operate only at scheduled times, triggered by motion and daylight sensing, with dimmed output to minimize light spill, lowering energy consumption. Integrated luminaire-level control has reduced ownership costs by eliminating the need for control wiring, and no SPF is required. The new installation is very inconspicuous, providing a visually pleasing environment for visitors, with the focus solely on the exhibited items. And the maintenance crew can now easily modify the lighting setup themselves without incurring additional commissioning costs – Lamps can be relocated without readdressing the drivers. 

“The venue hosts rotating exhibitions with 4-5 different displays at any given time, each requiring a unique lighting setup. Casambi proved to be the ideal solution due to its cost-effectiveness, unique control functions, and intuitive user interface, allowing the technical crew to implement lighting changes without requiring professional lighting control experience or external assistance for each new exhibition,” said Janowski, adding that… 

“Through this project, the venue improved its sustainability credentials by upcycling and saving 100 lamps, retrofitting Casambi to existing products, incorporating light and motion sensors for energy savings, all extending lamp life while minimizing additional materials and new wiring. The inclusion of remote access further reduced travel costs, fuel usage, and CO2 emissions associated with heavy maintenance.” 

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