Worldlight Showroom ‘Lighthouse’

Worldlight’s showroom, powered by Casambi technology, transforms the client-vendor experience with programmable lights accessible via smartphone for dynamic project exploration and presentation. 

Worldlight is a firm of lighting designers and distributors headquartered in Palma de Mallorca. Founded by Bernat Blanes Pons, the company has garnered a solid reputation for exquisitely illuminating sites across the Balearics and beyond. From exclusive residential properties to high-profile restaurants and office spaces, Worldlight caters to discerning customers seeking something utterly award-worthy and exciting. 

Architects and decorators of international prestige already rely on Worldlight to deliver unique lighting designs. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the firm has opened a showroom in Polígono Son Castelló in Palma de Mallorca to both experiment with and showcase their expertise, design acumen, and infinite creativity. Named Lighthouse, this triumphant project was brought to fruition in collaboration with architects from Minimal Studio, interior designer Mireia Vila, and Casambi distributor and commissioners, Luxlight. 

“We wanted to create a lighting showroom that everybody could visit freely, where our customers could see all the products we sell in our projects,” shares Bernat. “We use Casambi to regulate, turn on and off, and program more than 350 lights so that everything works automatically.” 

The space has been adorned with elements that magnify the artificial diffusion of sunlight through reflectors or natural projectors such as water, or the solid opacity of concrete. All this has been designed with the main objective of creating a coherent connection or mimicry between day/night transitions.  Additionally, specific spaces have been created or simulated, to foster a perfect interaction between the user and the space. 

“We’ve set scenes [in the Casambi app] that transform the different rooms so customers can see the various effects and spaces illuminated differently.” says Bernat adding; “We chose Casambi because it enables you to personalize everything with your phone, which is easier. Then for normal use with clients, it’s also easier for them to understand everything and faster to show.”  

The variety of modules, scenes, and daily programming made available via Casambi not only enhances the showcasing of their light products and showroom but also contributes to their overall effectiveness. Everything is programmed based on occupancy, significantly reducing the number of lights left on during the night by automatically turning them off after a meeting or showroom tour. They have installed two gateways, enabling remote control of all devices. Additionally, they added another gateway to enable the use of Alexa in their main conference room, allowing voice control over eight different scenes, and simplifying the demonstration of effects to clients. 

“The greatest outcome of this showroom is that it provides us with the opportunity to experiment together with our customers, ultimately helps us improve our projects, showing us how and what we could improve, and, of course, enables us to present the final result to the clients,” Bernat concludes. 

Worldlight Showroom ‘Lighthouse’

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Minimal Studio 

Interior Designer
Mireia Vila 

Casambi distributors and programmers

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