Casambi for specifiers

The easiest lighting control solution to design, install and commission.

Create more enjoyable and productive environments with Casambi.

Smart lighting functionality brings new dimensions to design: color temperature, lighting colors, dimming, human-centric lighting, and individual tuning.

Flexibility & complete connectivity. You can connect Casambi with any luminaire, sensor, switch or other lighting components. That’s how Casambi meets your needs today and tomorrow.

Open ecosystem of optimally integrated and 100% interoperable Casambi Ready luminaires, drivers, sensors and switches from the major industry players.

Suitable for all projects – big and small. Casambi has been built for multiple applications from meeting rooms to retail stores, to expansive sites and outdoor applications. 

Installation & maintenance cost reduction. The installation phase is fast and easy. Minimal business disruption in retrofit projects or when you are expanding or restructuring the lighting area.

DALI compatible. Casambi supports key industry standards and interfaces. DALI, EnOcean, 1-10V, PWM and phase cut dimmable devices and light sources can all be seamlessly used in Casambi networks.

Lower risk. No wires, no hassle. The wireless lighting control system has fewer components and elements to design and install. When there are no additional cables, there is lower risk in installation.

Specification with Casambi

Learn more about the specification process and tools that Casambi provides to electrical designers and lighting designers.