The new Cibrèo Ristorante is located inside the Hotel Helvetia & Bristol, a destination for those seeking a unique place for a coffee, an aperitif or dinner in the heart of the Renaissance city of Florence.

The iconic restaurant Cibrèo, which has served a gastronomic journey for the Florentine clientele for over 40 years has opened a new presence in the exclusive location of the historic Helvetia & Bristol, inaugurating a new and innovative catering concept.

The interior design, by world-renowned award-winning Italian architect Massimo Adario, is inspired by baroque architecture. The design studio wanted to create a space where tradition and modernity are mixed and the visitor can feel like taking a trip to the past.

“The creative process began by making one important decision: the use of a single color, light blue, to create a homogeneous background that gives importance to the content and not to the container” said architect Massimo Adario.

The design of the furniture is based on the reinterpretation of the different Cibrèo restaurants that the Picchi family has promoted since 1979.

Lighting designer Jordi Moya, from ILM BCN, proposed a lighting design concept where lighting would be integrated within the interior design to highlight textures, reduce glare and achieve a welcoming, holistic experience for the visitor.

The general lighting is produced with some chandeliers that were created by the Massimo Adario studio in an artisan way using beech wood. Inspired by the baroque chandeliers that illuminate the halls of the Corsini Palace, ILM BCN is committed to replacing candlelight with dimmable LED bulbs from the LAES, with a color temperature of 1800K that recreates the old incandescent filament system.

Surrounded by a frosted glass cylinder that hides their direct vision, they offer a subdued and subtle light reminiscent of candlelight, achieving great warmth. The light intensity is regulated individually to achieve the perfect contrast with the light that penetrates through the large exterior windows. 

For a modern touch RGBW LEDs from Brillamenti have been installed as well. Through a Casambi lighting control solution, the space is adaptable; from changes in natural light throughout the day to more daring lighting environments for cocktails or events in the evenings.

The main bar and its back cabinets are made with typical Tuscan marble, Giallo di Siena. Tunable white technology is used, where the color temperature changes depending on the time of day, achieving changing tones in the marble. This same lighting solution is used for the details of the sofas that are located in the central area of the space, thus making the intensity of the red velvet oscillate.

The restaurant has an informal, fashionable atmosphere, with young, confident staff and offers an original menu based on highly selected Italian specialties.

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CIBRÈO restaurant

Florence, Italy

Lighting Designer
Jordi Moya, ILM BCN

Interior Design
Massimo Adario Studio

LAES, Zafferano, Brillamenti

Cibrèo Restaurant and Jordi Moya

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