BMX’ing Park

The BMX’ing Park in Blegny, Belgium, hosts riders of all ages and skills, from amateur riders to competition racers, several times a week, with an emphasis on a fun, friendly, and safe experience for all. The BMX club managers decided to install new lighting on the tracks so practice times weren’t limited in the cooler months when the sun sets earlier.

The club managers had several requirements for the new lighting solution; A system that is easy to use, is energy efficient and easy to maintain, and would not disturb neighboring properties with any light pollution.

The track’s new lighting system is controlled by the Schréder ITERRA wireless management system – powered by Casambi. Now, via simply using the control app from their own smart device, personnel can easily control the lighting as desired, such as dimming the track lights or triggering lights for only certain parts of the track if illumination for the whole track is not needed for practice. Furthermore, within the app, they can control the luminaires individually by using a photo of the track, or through pre-programmed scenes.

As it is a wireless control solution, the installation was quick, easy, and very cost-effective as no new cables needed to be placed. The entire system is contained in a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh with individual nodes that communicate with each other.

The BMX club managers are delighted with the results of the new lighting solution as it now allows them to extend practice sessions, all with much more energy efficiency and ease of use.


BMX’ing Park Blegny


Blegny, Belgium


Schréder BE




Schréder BE

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