Street lighting project

When commissioned to upgrade the lighting at several Stockholm locations, rather than just installing a simple street lighting system, outdoor lighting fixture specialists, Fagerhult decided to shake things up a bit and create something unique and fun with extra wireless lighting control.

With the Stockholm City Traffic Office having been allocated climate funding, Outdoor lighting fixture specialists, Fagerhult, were commissioned for the replacement with their Opalume range. The Farsta location project, situated around a shopping center, was also equipped with RGBW and Casambi wireless controls to create specific atmospheres within the public space throughout the year, especially for special public occasions such as Halloween, Midsummer or Christmas. The whole system is connected to the City of Stockholm’s control system. 

Commissioning was made very easy via the Casambi App, using only a mobile device. Even though there were some initial concerns regarding the range of the Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network signal, it carried much further than expected, which helped speed up the commissioning. Moreover, changing colors is instantaneous, so the overall experience of commissioning the site was very positive.


Farsta Streets


Stockholm, Sweden




Fagerhult, Opalume range

Casambi nodes


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