Centro Sebrae De Referência Do Artesanato Brasileiro, also known as CRAB, is a museum of Brazilian handicrafts, situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. CRAB is not just a museum but a marketing platform for Brazilian handicafts, a center of knowledge as a visitor can learn the crafts and a place where “Brazilian Handicraft” is made to a brand that can be brought to attention to people around the world.

Casambi was chosen to be used in this project because the project designer wanted a lighting control system for the client with the easiest possible manitenance but at the same time a lighting control system that would be innovative, particular and complete.

The lighting in the museum is a track-mounted because it needs to be easily adjustable and fitted for each exhibition. The need for the lighting control system was the same: the system needed to be versatile, to be re-positioned and modified monthly without the need of a commissioning specialist and a team of electricians. As the app is very user-friendly new dimming values and scenes can be set within minutes.


CRAB – Centro Sebrae De Referência Do Artesanato Brasileiro


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project design

Fabio Favalli, Myrilia

Units used


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