La Salita Al Calvario by Vincenzo Civerchio

A magnificent painting “La Salita Al Calvario” by Vincenzo Civerchio had been forgotten in the sacristy of a church in the town of Brescia and was re-found lately. Now the painting is hanging in the church and the known lighting designer couple Iannone & Tellini have lit the church and Casambi is controlling the lighting.

The method these lighting designers use to light the painting is a method they have already become famous for and have used for many other paintings in different churches. The method is based on usage of a dynamic light where different light points alternate between different wavelengths and different frequencies. Thanks to the dynamic light, in a fraction of a second our brain goes in so called panic mode and gives out the hormone seratonine and when the eye focuses on one point in the painting at the same time seratonine is released, that point seems to come alive, because certain wavelengths make certain colours more vibrant to the brain.

When a person watches the painting it looks like he/she first sees small details like the facial expressions of the people in it and when the brain adapts to the lighting he/she sees the painting as a whole.


Lighting of the painting “La Salita Al Calvario” by Vincenzo Civerchio


Travagliato, Brescia, Italy

Lighting Designer

Consuline: Serena Tellini & Francesco Iannone

Project supported by


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