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“The lights look epic. Andy (the CEO) dims them from his watch at least five times a day… By taking advantage of Aurora’s finance offer, we were able to retain money within the business whilst greatly reducing the installation & running costs. Five months later, we’re already seeing a return on our lighting investment ”
Riki Hooker, General Manager at Global E-commerce Experts.

Global E-Commerce Experts (GEE) were looking to use smart technology within lighting to better understand how their new warehouse was operating. By analyzing illuminance data in real-time, they sought to unlock the insights needed to drive down energy costs wherever and whenever possible. 

To achieve their client’s objectives, Aurora Lighting proposed a combination of LEDs with integrated Casambi nodes for wireless connectivity. With this smart lighting solution, GEE could not only gain analytical intelligence for energy saving but take action too.   

With the Casambi app, they can independently implement adjustable lighting – such as daylighting – conforming to localized needs and enabling energy saving through optimized use of light throughout the warehouse. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy – the most popular and reliable low-power radio technology found in all modern smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches today – changes can be made at the touch of a button (to which Andy, the CEO, can attest!). 

From the orchestration of isolated lighting scenes and luminaire groupings, they can also use the app to build up a multiple-site network if required. And by getting connected, it becomes possible to expand beyond a single application – lighting control – to other exercises such as motion detection and indoor positioning services.  

Aurora Lighting also mentioned that their offer of 0% Finance was available for the project to commence without upfront costs. This suited GEE’s overall plan and allowed them to spend the CAPEX on other business investments. 

Aurora Lighting proposed their Kayon Ultra LED Highbays, which come with high rack aisle optics with integrated PIR’s and Casambi technology. 

As well as daylight dimming, presence and, absence detection the Casambi- controlled installation combined with Holders Analytics delivers building data to a designated GEE device, from their Bluetooth Low Energy- controlled lighting. Data is presented in a powerful yet intuitive user interface, allowing monitoring and reporting of energy usage and asset tracking. 

Asset tracking allows GEE to accurately place the most popular items in the warehouse at the front aisles for easier access. Therefore, achieving greater efficiency in speed and energy. These analytics can be monitored anywhere in the world, and in the future multiple sites could be added to GEE’s analytics dashboards, enabling all sites to be monitored from within the one app. 

Global E-commerce Experts were pleased to gain access to the real- time data, view the analytics, understand how energy is being consumed on an ongoing basis, and determine how best to manage the warehouse effectively and efficiently. 

“It is always very rewarding seeing a client’s expectations being exceeded, and this project has done exactly that. Delivering a solution that meets their objectives whilst achieving a high return on investment realised soon after project completion is an excellent result. This is always achievable when combining LED and smart technology,” said Paul McGregor, Key Account Manager, Aurora Projects Lighting. 

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