Raj Sabhagruh

A visually stunning Swadhyaya Hall in a magnificent remote location is complemented by Casambi-controlled lighting, fostering spirituality and sustainability.

The making of Raj Sabhagruh Satsang & Meditation Complex is not only a story of brick and concrete but more so of grace and devotion. The project, known as ‘Project Raj Sabhagraha’ at Shrimad Rajchandra Mission in Dharampur, India, aimed to construct a majestic Swadhyaya Hall (Swadhyaya is Sanskrit for self-reflection) on hilly terrain, spanning a massive 1.65 lakh square feet (the equivalent to a whopping 15,329.93 square meters!).

The project sought to create a sacred space that would embody the teachings of Jainism and provide a venue for spiritual gatherings and events. The challenges included building on hilly terrain, engineering a circular auditorium with precise acoustics, and incorporating intricate craftsmanship in the design. 

The result is a visually stunning structure with curved geometry, hand-placed marble facades, and innovative engineering solutions. The lighting system, controlled by Casambi, contributes to the overall visitor experience while keeping energy use in check.

Lighting inspiration

The inspiration for the lighting design concept came from the need to create an illuminated space that fosters a sense of spirituality and connection. Natural light was deemed essential, and round windows of various sizes were incorporated into the building to allow natural light to enter. The Casambi-controlled lighting system was designed to provide flexibility, allowing changes in scenes and intensity levels during different events. 

The following Casambi modules were installed across the site: CBU-DCSCBU-ASDCBU-PWM4 and the XPRESS. Entelechy Systems’ ES PB O (featuring 4 x 3A PWM CV 12/24 and an IP 67 rating) and DESI 4 REL CB (DESI IoT 4-channel relay with 4 push buttons) were also specified. Casambi controls all the lights installed across the landscape, porch, foyer, auditorium, library, classrooms, meditation hall, museum, and lanterns. This includes lighting for the baffle ceilings, stretch ceilings, wall panels, foyer ceilings, and outdoor bollards.

Why Casambi?

Casambi was chosen for Project Raj Sabhagraha due to its wireless flexibility and DALI compatibility especially. The project required a versatile lighting solution for a large, sprawling, highly complex space, where traditional wired systems were simply impractical. Casambi’s wireless system allowed for easy installation without the need for extensive cabling, resulting in shorter project timelines, which proved particularly beneficial for such a large-scale endeavor.

There were wired DALI systems on-site. Casambi’s DALI compatibility ensured reliable and precise control of the individual and grouped lighting fixtures confined to wires, enabling dynamic scenes and effects. This integration offered a more stable and efficient alternative to the pre-existing wired DALI systems.

In the future, Casambi will help cut down on electronic waste by making it easy to add or change parts without extensive reconstruction effort. Its remote monitoring and control capabilities facilitate proactive maintenance, prolonging system lifespan and minimizing premature replacements. These features, in conjunction with energy-efficient functionalities such as daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, highlight Casambi’s pivotal role in advancing sustainable resource management within Raj Sabhagraha.

However, it’s the intuitive interface and feature-rich qualities of the Casambi app that enable both engineers and staff to swiftly make adjustments on the fly during events or special occasions, ensuring that visitors always encounter lighting that evokes the right sense of divinity.

Raj Sabhagruh, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission.

Dharampur, India.

Client Project Team
Mr Raman Tikka, Mr Deepak Choradia, Mr Dhaval Koradia

SERIE architects, UK/India. 

Design and Commissioning of Casambi
Entelechy Automation Pvt Ltd. 

Commissioning Engineer
Mr Dilip Yadav, Mr Dhaval Koradia 

Number of Casambi nodes

Making of ‘Raj Sabhagruh’ YouTube video.

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