Casambi provides an entire ecosystem of products. All Casambi's native products as well as all Casambi's partners' products are 100% compatible with each other. All Casambi Ready products are configured and used with the Casambi App, available for both iOS and Android. Please find more information about the technology here:

Solution Functionality Internet of Things

Casambi's Native Products

Casambi's native products are manufactured by Casambi in Finland. Casambi's native products can be purchased from Casambi's distribution partners. You can find your closest distribution partner under Contacts.

Casambi Ready Partner Products

Casambi technology is available for all luminaire, driver, LED board, LED lamp and lighting control module manufacturers. The technology allows companies to customize their offer but to always be 100 % compatible with all other Casambi products on the market. Therefore we call these products 'Casambi Ready' products. Please contact our partners directly for purchasing Casambi Ready products.

Casambi Ready drivers

Casambi Ready switches

Casambi Ready sensors

Casambi Ready dimmers and control modules

Casambi Ready lamps, LED boards and accessories